>> NO MAY MEETING – Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, there will be no Monthly Meeting this month. See y’all next month!


– The Board discussed the use of AR pistols at the at the indoor range and came to the following list of allowed gun types and ammo: AR pistol platforms in usual low to mid velocity pistol cartridges to be fired in the indoor range; i.e., the gun must be a pistol, norifle stock, no longrifle barrel and the ammo must be, say, .32 auto, 9mm Luger, .45 ACP and NOT.223, .300 Blackout or other cartridges usually considered rifle rounds, or high velocity pistol rounds above 2000 f.p.s. Don’t try to press the issue! The range officer has the final say, and your gun and ammo will be under scrutiny.


Single Slug Shotgun Ammo Now allowed on Bench Rest Range


The Board has reviewed the “No Shotgun” rule on the benchrest range and we will now allow single slug projectile ammunition to be used on that range. Shotshells or other multi-projectile ammunition still can not be used there. Use the plinking range or pattern board at the sporting clay range for shotshell sighting.


>> SPORTING CLAYS- We are in need of a new employee for the Sporting Clay range. Will need someone who can work Sundays from 8am until 4 PM. If interested contact James Cupps at 918-241-4558. Also, anyone willing to volunteer for the Boy Scout shoot (May 9th) or on either Saturday or Sunday of the two weekends before for the practice sessions contact James Cupps at 918-241-4558.

>> The Bench Rest Range WILL BE CLOSED the first Saturday of every month from 8:00am until about 2:00pm for the Combined Military Rifle Competitions.

>> IMPORTANT REMINDER – You cannot enter the outdoor ranges before 7AM under any circumstances! AND get out of the Ranch before dark!

>> REMINDER – Speed Limit on the Ranch roads is 25MPH!

>> SKEET AND WOBBLE TRAPS – It is a must that you uncock the machines when you are done!

>> Remember: at the Indor Range, NO steel core ammo allowed, NO shotguns, and NO shotshells of any kind.


In order to maintain range use, your strict compliance with the following is required:

1. You must carry your membership card when at the range and put your sticker on your vehicle.

2. BMG 50 will only be shot at the block target holder in pit – NO other targets – PERIOD!

3. NO tracer ammo on any of our ranges.

4. Targets directly in front of bench rest, plinking and 22 silhouette berms only. No mid range targets.

5. Pistols only on pistol ranges.

6. Obey posted signs at each range!

7. Your guests should ride in your car to enter the range, or have a temporary flag on their car.

If you can’t comply with the above, don’t go to the range!


Current Orientation/Rule Book