The Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club is the most complete shooting range facility in Oklahoma. Many major shooting sports are represented at the Red Castle Gun Club. An Indoor Shooting Range with Junior Facilities and our beautiful, sprawling Outdoor Shooting Ranges located on a portion of the equally beautiful John Zink Ranch.

We are one of the few in Oklahoma that allow fully automatic shooting*! We truly are the most complete shooting facility in Oklahoma.

Whatever your shooting interests, the Red Castle Gun Club has a Range for that! From Skeet and Trap Ranges to .22 Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Range, Handgun Ranges both Indoor and Out, Sporting Clays Range, High Power Rifle Target & Silhouette Ranges, Bench Rest Range, Plinking Range, Cowboy Action Shooting, we got it!

There are organized competitive shoots for rifle (High Power, .22 Silhouette, Old Military), shotgun (Sporting Clays) and Black Powder Silhouette almost every month. Matches for which NRA has programs are NRA certified. Classes for learning how to shoot, Marksmanship instruction and Concealed & Open Carry are available, taught by State and NRA certified instructors, all of whom are Club members.

The Outdoor Shooting Ranges are located on the Zink Ranch, adjacent to Skiatook Lake, north of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, at the north end of HWY 97 (Coordinates to the Club House at Zink Ranch: 36.308019,-96.117261).  And our Indoor Shooting Range is located at 1115 S. Zunis Ave in Tulsa.

Membership Information

Your membership is a family membership. Your spouse, children and occasional guests are encouraged to come to the club and to shoot with you, but of course children must always be under close supervision. The Zink Ranch Agreement limits each guest to 4 visits per year.

The Outdoor Shooting Ranges are located on a portion of the beautiful Zink Ranch, adjacent to Skiatook Lake, 9 miles north of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, at the end of HWY 97. Please note that the entire Zink Ranch is a game refuge. All wildlife is protected. Your membership entitles you to use only the Red Castle facilities, NOT to the entire ranch! And our Indoor Shooting Range with Junior Facilities is located at 1115 S Zunis Ave in Tulsa. Range fees for the Indoor Shooting Range are only $5.00 for Members and only $10.00 for guests! A fantastic bargain for a great facility. Please note that NRA Membership is required for Indoor Range Membership. Save $10 and get your NRA membership Here.

We have members from many states besides Oklahoma and our membership is growing strong locally too. Become a member of the Most Complete Shooting Facility in Oklaomha!

Outdoor Range Membership is CLOSED

We encourage membership to our indoor range as these members will be given first chance at new outdoor membership once it reopens.

Membership Type: Yearly Dues: Initiation Fee:* Total:
Outdoor Only $135.00 $150.00 $285.00
Indoor Only $85.00 $100.00 $185.00
Combination (Both) $160.00 $150.00 $310.00
*The Initiation Fee is a one time fee if you keep your Membership current.

Make sure to fill in all appropriate lines and send along the completed form by mail with your check or money order for the appropriate amount to:

Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club
P. O. Box 4302
Tulsa, OK 74159

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Full automatic shooting and machineguns are allowed ONLY on the Outdoor Plinking Range! No other ranges!auto


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Special Events

Upcoming special events and Gun shows in and around Tulsa and surrounding areas.


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