Next Match is August 19th!

The official Match will start at 10:00am with practice firing starting at 9:00am. The Smallbore Silhouette Range at the Zink Ranch opens at 7:30am. These Matches are open to the Public, simply contact the Silhouette Officer for Range Access information in advance.

Rules: Current NRA Rules will apply. Current year NRA Silhouette Rule Books will be available to purchase from the Silhouette Officer.

Entry Fees: $5.00 for one classification plus $4.00 for each additional classification you shoot in. If you do not have a current year NRA Silhouette Classification Book, they will be available for purchase from the Silhouette Officer for $13.00 each.

All are Welcome to join us! You do not have to be a member to compete. Simply click this box to send a message to the Silhouette Officer for how to access the Outdoor Range.

The course of fire consists of ten shots each on:

  • Chickens at 40 meters

  • Pigs at 60 meters

  • Turkeys at 77 meters

  • Rams at 100 meters

Each competitor will fire on two sets of five targets before targets are reset. If any competitor knocks down all ten of a set (“ten straight”) he/she will be permitted to continue firing for the purpose of establishing a “Long Run” record at the conclusion of the match. Participation is increasing and all are invited to join us for some fun, safe shooting. Join us! A great site for information about .22 Rifle Silhouette, check out

From the web site:

Anyone that has taken a rifle out hunting can relate to the great feeling one has when the bullet hits its mark. It is the same feeling that a person gets when out plinking with a rifle and attempts a difficult shot and connects. A wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Because of the hunting aspect in the design of the sport, and the difficulty, it is the same feeling obtained while shooting Rifle Silhouette. The targets are not anchored but free-standing. When you make a perfect shot, the target springs off the stand for instant gratification.

Award Catagories:

  • First in Class 2 to 3 Competitors*
  • Second in Class 4 to 6 Competitors
  • Third in class 7 or more Competitors
  • High Junior 2 or more Competitors
  • High Woman 2 or more Competitors
  • Overall Match Winner

Pins will be awarded for “5-in-a-row” and “10-in-a-row” in any category. (AAA and Master Classifications are eligible for “10-in-a-row” pins only.)

*NOTE: Competitor may choose to move up to the next higher Class with an entrant at their discretion.

General Information: Soft drinks, snacks, water and lavatory facilities are available at the Range Club house.

Contact Silhouette Officer:


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