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Saturday, November 18, 2023

800 PT XTC Sanctioned CMP Match
Location: HIgh-Power Range
Time: 7am to 3:30pm
800 PT Across the Course Match Course of Fire (800 Point - 80 Rounds)   
Course of Fire: 88 Shots 
•  2 Sighting Shots/20 Shots - Slow Fire Standing - 200 yards - 22 Minutes 
•  2 Sighting Shots/(2 Strings of 10) Rapid Fire Sitting/Kneeling(Shot from Position) 200 yards -60 Sec 
•  2 Sighting Shots/(2 Strings of 10) - Rapid Prone(Shot from Position) - 300 Yards -70 Sec 
•  2 Sighting Shots/20 Shots Slow Fire Prone – 600 Yards – 22 Minutes   
There will be no breaks, please plan accordingly with snack and water.
Competitors shooting .223, please note you must shoot at least a 75 grain bullet at 600 yards.
Entry $10.00 Junior Free
Entry to ranch gate begins at 7:00 AM. Please do not enter the gate prior to posted time.  
Anyone who enters prior to the listed time, will be asked to leave the ranch, and will be eliminated from participating in the matches and loss of match fees. Please follow all speed limit signage on the ranch.    
This competition is open to any eligible competitor, you need not be a member of the NRA, CMP or Red Castle Gun Club.  
No person who has been convicted of a Federal or State felony or any violation of Section 922 of Title 18, U. S. Code, is eligible to participate in any activity sponsored or sanctioned by the CMP.    
Current CMP High Power Rifle Rules will Govern all matches. It is the responsibility for participants to know the rules and course of fire for the matches.       
ALL competitors must sign Red Castle Gun Club, Waiver Agreement, prior to participating.        
No Ammunition will be distributed for this match, it is the responsibility for each competitor to provide their own ammunition.    
Matches will be shot on the Shot Marker Electronic Target System; each participant will need to provide their own Wi-Fi device.   When using the electronic scoring system, the scorer/verifier, will use paper scorecards, the paper scorecard is the official record of the match.
All shooters must perform scoring duties, and if necessary, pit duties.    
A fee of $3.00 for challenges.      
No data will be cleared and no changes of score is permitted without authorization of match official.      
Ear and eye protection must be worn on firing line and during pit duties, this is in accordance to the CMP Rulebook.    
Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) is required at all times except in actual firing or preparation time.      
The purpose of the CMP matches is to provide a friendly environment to support the improvement of civilian marksmanship.
Any verbal abuse toward competitors and or match officials, will result in the automatic removal from match and range.    
No alcohol beverages will be consumed on the Red Castle Gun Club Range or Zink Ranch Property.      
No smoking is permitted on the firing line and or pits, as well as the club house.    
Entry into the Zink Ranch will require a gate code, gate code information will be provided a week prior to matches.      
For Match Entry Form Contact: 
Rachael Miller-Lansdown