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Saturday, October 17, 2020

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CMP 800 PT Across the Course - Sanctioned Match -NON-EIC
Location: High Power Range
Start Time: 8am to 3:30pm
CMP HP National Match NON-EIC 
Course of Fire:
10 Shots  200 yards
(1 String of 10) Rapid Fire Standing to Sitting – 200 yards
(1 Strings of 10)/ Rapid Standing to Prone - 300 Yards
20 Shots/Slow Fire Prone – 600 Yards
Fees: $10.00 Adults/$5.00 Juniors
All shooters must perform scoring and pit duties
Ear and eye protection must be worn on firing line and during pit duties 
Competitors must furnish their own ammunition; 5.56mm used at 600yd must be 69 gr. or heavier.
Registration: Registration will be held at the 200 yard line. 
There will be no breaks for lunch, please plan according for food, water and refreshments.
Please contact Allen Lansdown 918-606-3509 or for gate code and information