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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Handgun Class-Beyond the Basics Part I of 2--for student who has had basic handgun training
Location: Indoor Range, TRCGC
Time: 10am to 2pm
Part I of a II-part course.  
Part I is Saturday, 4/24 from 10 - 2. 
Part II is Saturday, 5/1 from 10 - 2. 
Each part $80 or Total $150 for both classes. 
$150 must be paid on 4/24, Saturday or student may pay $80 on 4/24 and $80 5/1. 
This class is for the student who has had Basic Handgun and Safety training
or who can load, shoot, and unload their own firearm safely. 
You will need a total of 100 rounds of factory ammunition for PARTS 1 & 2,
your firearm, your firearm manual,
eye/ear protection and a ball cap. 
This class will be taught in the Board Room at the Indoor Range.
Lead instructor:  Joe Hancock.
To enroll, contact Joe at 918.636.8409/
or Sherry at 918.724.6544/