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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Women's Shoot Night
Location: Indoor Range, TRCGC
Time: 5:45pm to 7:45pm
Thursday, May 6.  5:45 - 7:45.  For women who want to meet and shoot with other women who shoot.
5:45 - 6:45:  We'll meet in the Training Room for fun conversation and camaraderie. At 6:45 we will head to the indoor range to shoot.
In order to shoot on the indoor range, you MUST know how to load, shoot, and unload SAFELY.  This is not a gun-instruction event.  We're
all shooting together on the range but you are responsible for your own skills.  This said, if you need assistance or help, Sherry and Nick will
be available to assist if you need it.  
Also, BRING WITH YOU A PHOTO OF THE WOMAN WHO HAS BEEN AN INSPIRATION TO YOU.  This could be your Mom, Grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, best friend, teacher, professor, counselor, etc., etc., etc.  Write a brief essay about how this woman has inspired you.  She could be alive or have passed. Deadline to submit your 
essay is Wednesday, 5/5 at 5 p.m.  Send your essay to Sherry at  Bring the photo of the woman who is the subject
of your essay.  Top two essays will receive a prize.
Questions?  Email Sherry.  We'll have coffee, soda and water available.  No snacks.