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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Annual Steward Cole Toys for Tots Match
Location: High Power Rifle Range
Time: 9am to 3pm
Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club
Annual Steward Cole 
Toys for Tots-CMP Service Rifle Match 
@ Zink Ranch 
Saturday, December 2, 2023
This is Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club - CMP High-Power Program annual charity event. 
The match is shot as a benefit for the 
Marine Corps, Toys for Tots Toy Drive. 
Match Fee: 1 or 2 Unwrapped Toys at least $10.00-$20.00 in value.
(Toys are for boys or girls up to 12 years of age.)
All competitors who are able, are asked to arrive and assist with target set-up 
and the tear down of targets.
       We will meet for target set up 0845-0900, squad at 0915 and first relay to shoot at 0930.
Shot Marker electronic target system will be utilized, 
always be prepared for preform pit and scoring duties, should the system go down.
Please bring your own Wi-Fi device for scoring purposes. Wi-Fi code
This is an unsanctioned match. 
We will utilized the CMP rules & regulations, for the Match, 
please note both the 800/500 PT will allot for sighters and be shot in position.
Match: 800 or 500 PT Across the Course (Competitors Choice) 
                        200 YRDS      20/10 Shots/2 Sighting Shots-Slow Fire Prone (22 Minutes)
                        200 YRDS      2/1 10 String Rapid Fire Sitting/Kneeling (60 Seconds)
                        300 YRDS      2/1 10 String Rapid Fire Prone (70Seconds)
600 YRDS      20 Shots/2 Sighting Shots Slow Fire Prone (22Minutes)
**75 grain or above at 600 yards**
Awards and scores will be awarded in the clubhouse, after targets and flags are stored.
**Ear and Eye Protection Must be Worn on the Firing Line and for Scoring**
Note due the match being shot in December, weather is pending.                     
If possible, please email and or text if you are planning to attend this event, we desire to secure an estimate of shooters, who plan to participate. 
For match information and gate code, please contact:
Rachael Miller-Lansdown
918-232-9125 or