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Sunday, November 10, 2019

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Cowboy Action Shoot
Location: ITSASS range at Red Castle Gun Club
Start Time: 9:30am

Location:  John Zink Ranch - 9 miles north of Sand Springs on State Hwy 97. Email us for the daily gate code if you are not signed up for our list.
Rules:  SASS, Red Castle, and John Zink rules apply.
Who can shoot?:  Everyone is welcome to join in on a fun monthly match, as long as they can shoot safely. Not ready yet? Feel free to come watch!
Entry Fees: $8.00 per match, New shooters are free for their first match
Start Time: Summer Hours (April-Sept): Safety Meeting starts at 8:00AM, Winter Hours (Oct-Mar): Safety Meeting starts at 9:30AM
Typical Gear: 2 revolvers with holsters, a shotgun, and a rifle - Read more at to find out exact specs
Description:  Come play Cowboy with us! If you've ever wanted to dress up and shoot, this is the match for you! From Buckaroos and Young Guns, to Cowgirls, Grand Dames, and 49'ers, we have the most fun you've ever had as a 1800's cowpoke this side of the Mississippi! You DO NOT have to have all of your gear in order to play our game, we only ask that you are safe and are willing to listen to us as we guide you through a match. Each match consists of 4-6 stages. Each stage is given directions on which targets to shoot and in what order. A typical match requires 120 rounds of rifle/pistol ammo and 12-24 shotgun shells. Misses and shooting out of order cost you time. Scores are calculated by speed AND accuracy. Shoot as fast or as slow as you would like and we'll be there rooting you on! Our club has carts for borrowing, so don't let that stop you. Never shot? Don't worry! Our members are more than willing to let you shoot our guns and teach you how to play our game. Read and learn more about us at