Indian Territory SASS

Indian Territory SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) has its home at the TRCGC Outdoor Shooting Range at the John Zink Ranch.  Come on out and visit  our Range, “Buzzard Gulch” for a spell if you’re interested in what we do, or want to join us for a shoot, send us an email at and tell us!

The Indian Territory SASS is also the oldest Single Action Shooting Society club in Oklahoma and are very proud to preserve and promote the History of the Old West as well as competitive shooting.

If you would care to download and share our Wanted poster with your Church group, or with co-workers & friends etc… Click Here

For a full schedule of events, membership information and all the gritty details about this fun and growing sport go on and visit their website.

*You do not have to be a Red Castle member to join Indian Territory SASS.*

The Old Wild West Lives On!
Black Powder catagory - How in the heck can ya see what yer shootin' at?
Your young'uns will enjoy shootin' too!

*If you become a member of Indian Territory SASS but not a Tulsa Red Castle member, you are prohibited from using the other Red Castle Outdoor Range Facilities! You can use only the Indian Territory SASS facilities (Buzzard Gulch) and only on days there is a regularly scheduled Cowboy Action Shooting Match or related event.*


Proud to be a SASS Affiliated Club