Club hours are from 7:00 am. until one hour before dark 364 days per year. Be off the ranch before dark! There will generally be no admittance within one hour before sunset (Check the daily paper for the time of predicted sunset). Be sure to give yourself some leeway, if entering late in the day. Note: the ranch is closed one day per year to keep it private, this usually occurs during inclement weather.
Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, it is a good idea to bring one to the range with you. Most phones will receive a signal from the hill at the skeet range. Should you need emergency help the closest is the Rock Fire Department located at the Zink gate. They are fully trained EMT personnel and will arrive much faster than calling 911. Their number is 918-245-1155. Program it into your phone!
Your membership is a family membership. Your wife and children are encouraged to come to the club and to shoot, but children must always be under close supervision. Do not allow children to run and annoy other club members, or to create a nuisance. Your children should especially never be allowed to shoot unless they arc very closely supervised. Your older children, if allowed to come to the range without you (or other family members), must have your membership card and entry card in their possession during their visit. This way, we know they have your permission.
Never give your membership card or entry card to anyone who is not a member of the club. Doing so will result in the loss of your member-ship!
You are responsible for your own trash everywhere at the club. This includes brass, used targets, picnic trash, etc. Trash cans are provided for your convenience. There is also a dump just to the right of the “Red Castle turn-off at the top of the hill.
Beer or alcohol is not permitted on the Zink ranch! – NO EXCEPTIONS!
Please drive and park correctly! Do not drive or park on the berms or shooting ranges, park on the gravel not on the grass. However, you may drive to the target pits on the high power rifle range, and on the proper “trail” to the 200 yard target line on the bench rest range. There is also a gravel “trail” to the target lines on the high power rifle silhouette range.
Please note that the entire Zink Ranch is a game refuge. All wildlife is protected. Your membership entitles you to use the Red Castle facilities not to the entire ranch!
Your membership card and entry card which you will not receive until you complete the Red Castle orientation program, contains your name and membership number. You must have these cards with you while at the club, please don’t be offended if asked to display your card. This is part of our security system. You’ll need your entry card to get in the front gate. Never give your card to anyone who is not a Red Castle member.
Your yearly vehicle sticker is also part of our security system. Place the sticker on your vehicles rear window. This is not a request, but a requirement!
When you arrive, to open the gate, pass your entry card over the reader. After passing through, the gate will close automatically behind you. You are authorized to travel on the Zink Ranch roads only between the main gate and the gun club. The speed limit is 25 M.P.H.. Please observe this speed limit scrupulously. You do not have access to other parts of the ranch or the marina. When leaving the ranch, simply approach the electronic gate slowly. It will open automatically. After exiting, it will close automatically behind you.
Members may bring guest in the members vehicle with the Red Castle sticker attached provided the guest remain under the member’s direct supervision. Since our rates are very reasonable, guest who come to the club frequently, are encouraged to take out their own membership. Note that the Zink Agreement limits a guest to four visits per year.
A schedule of events will be published each year, and will be mailed to you along with the February newsletter. This schedule will list the majority of events, including matches meetings, picnics, gun shows, work parties, etc. It should be noted however, that some events, including the junior schedule, may not be included in the annual schedule. The schedule will also include the names and phone numbers of the various gun secretaries and program leaders. You are encouraged to phone these individuals for information related to their respective programs.
Any member wishing to host a special shoot or event at our range must make a written request to the Board of Directors for their approval. Request must be made in a timely manner to allow the event date, times and ranges involved to be published in at least one bulletin prior to the event. This includes, but is not limited to, Boy Scout troop shoots, special skeet or sporting clay shoots, training events, or any outside visitor event sponsored by you and Red Castle.
No tracer ammo is allowed on Red Castle ranges. Armor piercing or magnum ammo is prohibited on the silhouette ranges. No steel core ammo can be used at the Indoor Range. Use of prohibited ammunition will result in loss of membership.
The club may be closed temporarily, due to road construction, burning, etc. During 1,000 yard high power rifle competitions, that part of the club which is in the valley will be closed, due to the danger of bullets flying directly overhead. Occasionally, some parts of the club may be shut down due to scheduled outside events (Red Castle Gun Club feels a sense of civic responsibility, and sometimes makes facilities available to
groups such as scouts, police, CLEET, etc.). Such activities are carefully limited however, and must be scheduled through the Red Castle Board of Directors, which meets once a month. The ranch is closed one day per year to keep it private, this normally occurs during bad winter weather.
To open the clubhouse door, simply pass your entry card close to the reader.
When you leave, turn off all lights, close the double doors between the lounge and the meeting room, be sure all kitchen appliances are off, and lock the door! Don’t forget to check the back door, too. Please keep the door locked unless you know that someone else will be using it.
If in doubt, lock it!
When using the rest rooms: When you leave the rest room, please leave the door discretely slightly ajar (mostly closed), so that others may know that the room is vacant. Do not turn off the rest room lights. They will go off automatically in three to four minutes
Please help keep the rest rooms clean! They will be cleaned every week, and that’s all. If you see paper on the floor please help us by picking It up. Unless your children clean up after themselves, you clean up for them please.
The kitchen is there for your use. Help yourself but, like everything else, if you use it, clean it and put it back where it belongs if you break it, or find it broken, please report it, so that It will be repaired. If you use a water glass, when you are finished with it, please wash it, dry it, and put it back in the cabinet where it belongs. There is absolutely no staff to do this for you.
The television and VCR are basically there for club use. However, you are free to use them also. It’s all right to entertain the kids with a video tape while you’re there. But, please don’t go off and leave the kids to run. Please see that the volume is turned well down, so as not to disturb other members who would like to relax in the clubhouse. When you are through with it, please turn it off. Do not re-program the channels.
Channel 3 is for the VCR. Please remember that if there is a meeting, class, or any other function in progress in the meeting room, the TV must remain off until the function has ended.
The pool Table is there for your pleasure. Help yourself! But please don’t allow the kids to abuse it. It is coin operated. A quarter in the slot releases the balls for play. Be aware that if paper, or other debris, gets down into the pockets, the balls may not roll out freely. If this happens, shaking the table will usually release them.
The vending machines are there for your convenience. Please be aware that they are owned by Red Castle Gun Club. If you lose money in them don’t tear them up. To get your lost money refunded, simply contact the club president, secretary, or treasurer.They will see that your money gets returned to you.
If you have a spill, or some similar problem, the brooms and mops are kept in the closet nearest the pool table. Please help us by cleaning up after yourself. If you discover a plumbing leak, or some similar problem, please immediately contact president Bob Hinds, at 918-743-5276, to report it, so that it will get repaired as quickly as possible.
Heating & Air Conditioning – The climate in the clubhouse is controlled by the two thermostats and the timer in the lounge near the water fountain. During the winter the temperature in the lounge is maintained at around 55 degrees.
During the summer months, the temperature stays at about 85 degrees. This is true twenty-four hours per day. These basic settings are not intended to be easily changed. Turning the wall timer clockwise will alter these temperatures (to 68 in winter, and to 76 in summer) for one hour.
Temperature in the meeting room is controlled separately, and should remain “off”, unless there’s a class, or other function, in that room.
Pick up after yourself (and your children and guests). This includes in the clubhouse, and also on the shooting ranges. Trash cans are provided, for your convenience on all of our ranges. Please use them. This includes not only trash, but also used targets and brass (and empty shot shells). Our club is neat and clean. Let’s keep it that way!
A great deal of time and money has been invested in Red Castle Gun Club. In order to keep expenses and dues to a minimum, it is essential that we protect our investment from vandalism and misuse. To do this, the club has a security system, and you are a part of that system.
Actually, there are several components to our security system. They include:
1. The electronic gate: (This gate will be opened by your entry card.)
2. The clubhouse, skeet, trap and wobble trap: These will be opened by your entry card.
3. The Zink Ranch foreman: (Bill is ranch Security Chief, and ours, as well. He helps us out quite a lot.)
4. Your membership card (When you’re are at the club, have your card with you if someone asks to see it, show it to them. When you see someone who doesn’t seem to belong, ask to see their card. Find out who they are.
5. You: (Obey all rules, and see that others do, also. Check on people who don’t seem to belong, or who are in violation of the rules.
Serious violations and trespassers should be reported, as soon as possible, to president Bob Hinds, at 743-5276. If you can’t get their name, get their license number, etc. We will follow up on this. Serious rules violations may result in suspension or revocation of membership with no refunds of dues, etc.)
6. Security decal for members’ cars (Two security stickers will be issued to each member, each year, with his membership renewal.
These slickers should be placed on the left side of the rear window of each vehicle you plan to drive to the club if you need more than two stickers, just contact the club secretary, and more will be provided. Never give one of these stickers to a non-member.) Failure to display this decal will result in you being ordered to leave the ranch.
Eye and ear protection is required while shooting or on the firing line while others are shooting. Safety is always required for everyone, all the time!
During matches, follow the instructions of the range officer implicitly if you don’t understand, say so! If you are not ready, say so!
The range officers are friendly, and are there to help. Please cooperate with them. When the command, “Cease Firing” is given, stop shooting instantly, get your finger off the trigger and point the muzzle in a safe direction. The command to, “Clear your weapons”, means open your action, unload your gun, remove the magazine (if any), put it down, muzzle pointing down range, and keep your hands off of it until further instructions.
Never load until ordered to do so. Never fire a shot until ordered to do so. Never fire a shot after the order to, “Cease Firing”
For informal practice, there will be no range officer. In this case, everyone cooperates with everyone else. Never go down range until you have cleared it with everyone else on the firing line. Don’t go down range (that’s toward the targets.) until everyone on the firing line is clear. If anyone goes down range while you are shooting, call out, “Cease Firing” and clear your weapon! When they return to the line, speak to them!
Always observe all NRA firearms safety rules The NRA cardinal safety rules are:
(1) (The “Golden Rule Of Firearms Safety”) Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, (Even if it’s unloaded).
(2) Never load your gun until you’re ready to use it (When you arrive on the firing line, your guns should be unloaded and cased, or the action open.)
(3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are actually ready to fire the shot.
(4) Never handle a firearm when someone is down range.
In addition, there are many other firearms safety rules. Observe all of them always. Let’s not have any accidents at Red Castle Gun Club.
The “Smallbore Range” is not just a smallbore range. Actually, five “events” are fired on this range. They are .22 rifle silhouette, 22 pistol silhouette, centerfire pistol silhouette, small bore rifle bullseye target, and muzzleloading rifle.
No centerfire (or big bore) rifles or carbines of any kind may be fired at any kind of target on this range with the exception of round ball black powder rifles. Centerfire pistols may be fired only at the large silhouettes, and never at the small silhouettes. The small silhouettes are for .22 rimfire use only! Never move the centerfire silhouettes (the large ones) up to the smal1bore distances. Never fire diagonally across the range. Place yourself directly in front of the targets you intend to shoot at.
In silhouette shooting, ten targets are shot at each of four different distances. Chickens are always at the shortest distance. Pigs are always the second distance. Turkeys are the third distance, and at the greatest distance, are the rams. One always fires shot one at target one, shot two at target two, etc. As an example, if you fire shot one at target one, and miss, that’s a miss. If you fire shot number two at target number one, and hit it, that’s another miss.
Target distances (in meters, not yards) are as follows:
Gun & Caliber Chickens Pigs Turkeys Rams
.22 Pistol 25 50 75 100
.22 Rifle 40 60 77 100
Centerfire Pistol 50 100 150 200
Across the entire small bore range, at fifty yards, and at one hundred yards, are concrete footings for the placement of target frames to hold paper bulls eye targets for small bore rifle shooters only. The target frames that fit the holes in these concrete footings, are found in the “small bore” closet at the east (right) end of the firing line. Smallbore targets may also be found in this closet. They must be attached with either tape or staples, to the target frames. The cost of the targets is minimal. Payment is honor system. Please put your money in the “Money” can, on the shelf in the closet.
This range is for pistols only. No rifles, of any kind, are permitted on this range. This range is set up for three different types of pistol shooting. They are: competitive pistol bulls eye shooting, paper combat silhouette shooting, and “concealed carry” pistol qualification shooting.
The railroad ties mark the twenty-five yard target line. Just in front of the impact berm is the fifty yard target line. Metal target frames may be moved to the appropriate place. They are in two sizes. The 2’ x 2’ frames are for the B6 and B-8 bulls eye targets, and the small size combat silhouettes. The 2’ x 3’ frames are for the life size combat silhouettes.
Targets must be taped or stapled to target cardboard’s, which are then placed in the appropriate target frame. Never place more than a single target on a cardboard. If you wish to shoot at several targets simultaneously set up several target frames side by side, with only one target per target frame.
Targets and cardboard’s will be found In the “Pistol” closet at the west (left) end of the pistol range firing line.
Targets must be paid for, on an honor system. Just put your money In the appropriate money box, in the closet. Bullseye repair centers are ten cents each. Full size B-6 or B-8 targets (when available) are fifty cents each, and the small size combat silhouettes are twenty-five cents each. Life size combat silhouette targets are fifty cents each. Don’t forget to pay! If we lose money on this, we’ll have to stop making targets available. Always return the used target cardboard’s to the “Pistol” closet, for others to use. Stack the 2’ x 2’s neatly on the shelf Place the larger 2’ x 3’s on the wooden rack.
The target line nearest the firing line is for “concealed carry” qualification. These two lines are at three yards and five yards, and are intended for use on the life size combat silhouettes. The object is to demonstrate ability to fire a handgun safely, not accurately.
This range Includes firing lines for distances of 200, 300, 500, and 600 yards, and on special occasions, up to 1000 yards. Each firing line is on a berm. The 600 yard berm lies along the side of the road entering the facility as you approach the clubhouse. The 1000 yard firing line is atop the hill near the skeet ranges. When 1000 yard matches are in progress, bullets fly directly over the clubhouse area, shutting down that part of the club which is in the valley until after that part of the competition has ended. This rarely occurs for more than ahalf day, or more than a couple of times per year. To shoot from less than 600 yards, simply move to the appropriate berm. Because of the conflict between this range (bulls eye) and the high power rifle silhouette range, it is recommended that, if you intend to practice at 100 yards or 200 yards, it would be better to shoot on the benchrest range.
The TWO HOUR RULE applies on this range (see High Power Rifle Silhouette Range rules, on next page.)
This range has a military style target pit. To get to the target pit, drive down the gravel road to the left (north) of the filing lines. At the end of this road, leave your car in view of the 600 yard firing line. Go down the stone steps, off the end of the road, and turn right. The corrugated tin shed on your left, is the target shed. Get a target frame from this shed. You’ll have to supply your own target for this range. Attach your target to the target frame, using tape. Select a target riser, in the target pit, and place your target frame into the “ears” on the target riser. Raise it as high as It will go, so that it can be seen from the firing line. Drive back to the firing line and you’re ready to shoot. Never place portable target frames in
front of any of the berms for shorter distance practice!
Do not park or drive on any of the berms. Appropriate parking for this range is the parking lots on either side of the clubhouse. Do not park along the edge of the road. Tracer ammunition is prohibited on all ranges, because of the fire hazard it represents!
Be alert for the possibility of people appearing on the ridge beyond the target line! They should not be there, but if they appear (a mix-up), stop shooting until they clear the area!
50 Cal. BMG, .408 Chey-Tac or .416 Barrett – May only be shot from this range and only at the designated target — to the left of point number one against the back stop berm.

This range is located immediately to the right (south) of the High Power Rifle Target Range, and is fired from the central portion of the 600 yard berm. Silhouettes are shot, on this range, in exactly the same manner as on the Smallbore Range, except that here, only high power rifles, or muskets, may be used.
On this range, the chickens are at 200 meters; the pigs are at 300 meters; the turkeys are at 385 meters, and the rams are at 500 meters To re-set the targets, there is a gravel road which turns off the main road just past the 500 yard berm. This road goesin front of the chickens, past the pigs and turkeys, and back out to the main road near the rams. In rainy weather, check it out before using it.
Never shoot at the silhouettes with armor piercing or ultra-high-velocity ammo! This destroys the silhouettes, and they can bevery expensive to replace or repair. Be aware that 7.62 x 39 mm ammunition with black steel cases is usually armor piercing, and should not beused on this range. Tracer ammo is also prohibited.
The TWO-HOUR RULE! Because silhouette practice cannot take place while bullseye shooters, or others, are down range (200, 300, or 500 yard distances) etc., the “TWO HOUR RULE” may be invoked. The “Two Hour Rule” means that upon giving notice, the persons currently shooting have exactly two hours and zero minutes to stop shooting, get their equipment put away, and be out of the way, so that the one who bas given the notice may begin shooting. This, of course, may apply both ways. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER fire at the silhouettes if someone is anywhere down range shooting bullseye targets, or for any other purpose.
This range is used for sighting in both rifles and pistols. NOTE: Shotguns may be sighted in with the use of single projectile loads (Slugs). It may also be used for informal target practice at the appropriate distances. Any position may be fired on this range. It is not limited to just benchrest shooting. The distances fired are 100 yards and 200 yards.
When first sighting in a firearm on this range, it is recommended that you first place your target on a portable target frame (an ordinary cardboard box will do), and place it at the 25 or 50 yard berm. Do your rough sighting at this distance and then move your target out to the 100 yard, or 200 yard, target line. This not only saves you ammunition, it also saves wear and tear on the regular target frames.
Targets may be attached to the surface of the target frame with tape, staples, or thumb tacks. Please mount your target in such a way that, if your bullets land where you want them, you are not hitting the 2 x 4 frame upon which the Celetex is mounted.
Do not drive on the range! If you wish to drive to the target line, use the gravel road to the right side of the range.
The CMP competitions are fired from the Bench Rest Range. This program is a mechanism by which Red Castle Members may qualify to purchase service grade M1 rifles (Garand) and other surplus rifles from the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, at greatly reduced bargain prices. For this purpose only, Red Castle members may use Red Castle owned M1 rifles free of charge. Once each year, for the same purpose, they are also entitled to 56 rounds of free 30-06 ammunition.
The action pistol rack is located on the pistol range. This range is for revolvers and semi-auto PISTOLS ONLY! No rifles, or rifle ammo are allowed on this range at all.
Competition in this event is generally accomplished as a race between two competitors, each of whom is trying to knock down all of his targets first. 9 mm, or larger, is required for this event.
Warning: Should steel plates become deeply dented or develop holes, do not use them as dangerous ricochets may occur. Report the fact to a club officer so they can be repaired.
The metal wall on the left of the firing line is protection for the cowboy action range. This wall is NOT A TARGET! It can easily be pierced by a direct hit! It is protection for our members on the other side! On the plinking range, any kind of gun can be fired at MOST kinds of targets. If you like to shoot at cans, bottles, and et cetera, this is the place to do it. As a matter of fact, this is theONLY place to do it! This is
also the only range at Red Castle Gun Club where machine guns can be used. Note you may NOT use phone directories, household appliances, garbage, etc. as targets on this, or any, range! Just as on other ranges, when you’re through shooting, pick up the remains of your targets and other trash, and put them In the trash cans Don’t leave them for the next guy. He’ll think that it’s OK to leave trash lying around. Then, it gets trashier and trashier. If it’s too big to fit into the trash can on the firing line, and you don’t want to take it home, take it to the Zink dump.
Targets should be placed on the railroad ties, in such a way that you are not shooting into the ties themselves. Never place targets up on the impact berms! Never place targets mid-range, this goes for both long and short range distances. This causes dangerous ricochets towards the junior range and the sporting clays range.
Please, clean up after yourself!

Red Castle and the Indian Territory Single Action Shooters Society (ITSASS) have a shooting venue for cowboy action shooting located in the bays just to the (left) of the plinking range. Shooting stations may have props that consist of wooden/metal buildings and/or figures depicting people. These props are not targets and under no circumstance should they be shot. Rules for the cowboy range are as follows:
1. Lead bullets only. No jacketed bullets!
2. Shooting from the buildings or down range of the buildings, do not shoot through the buildings.
3. Do not shoot wooden props.
4. Steel targets only. The target must be tall enough so that if you miss the target, the bullets impact the back stop not the floor of the bay.
5. Pick up all empty brass (steel, aluminum or plastic shotgun shells). If you brought it, take it home!
This is the first range on the right when entering the valley. It is for pistols only! No rifles or shotguns. All targets must be paper or cardboard targets only! No plinking is allowed on this range (or, any range other than the plinking range). This is the range where IDPA scenes may be set up and shot. targets Members must provide their own IDPA targets.
Do not place targets where, when shot, bullets will strike anywhere other than backstops.
The wobble trap range is located to the east (right side, as you enter) side of the sporting clays parking lot. Shooters fire from the platform above the trap house. The trap house is opened with your entry card. Use shot size seven and a half, to size nine, only. No magnums! Eye and ear protection is required!
To set up the wobble trap for use, proceed as follows:

(1) Unlock back door with entry card. Unlatch and lower front door carefully.
(2) Take release button with cable out of trap house.

(3) Stay clear of the front. Be outside the trap house, at the rear.

(4) To cock the machine, flip the toggle switch to “on”. The machine should turn on, cock and load a target

(5) Plug the cable into box at the shooting stand.

(6) Load only two shells at a time in the gun. Enjoy.
There are two target release devices. One is hand operated, and the other is a foot release. Press once, each time you want a target, and let up. If there is a malfunction, call the range officer immediately, if he is on-site. A honk of your car horn will secure his help. If he is not present, leave a note on the machine, and call him at 918-633-6826 as soon as possible so he can effect repairs.
You may throw singles (one target at a time), report pairs (a second target thrown immediately upon the gun firing at the first target), and following pairs (a second target thrown as quickly as the trap can re-cycle and the button can be pressed again). Twopeople are generallyrequired to shoot the wobble trap. One “pulls” while the other shoots. With the foot release, a shooter may pull for his/her own targets. Shootingposition is in the two front angles of the shooting platform. Shotguns only!
When you are through shooting, shut down the range as follows: (1) Stay at the rear of machine. Flip toggle switch to “off”. Depress black de-cocker button. Machine will throw a target and de-cock the trap. (2) Load new targets until it is full. (3) Close and latch front door of trap house. Return release cable to trap house. (4) PLACE MONEY IN ENVELOPE AND PUT IN AMMO CAN. Close back door and make sure it latches.
The sporting clays range is the only range at the outdoor facility that cannot be operated by the individual members. Unless special arrangements are made it will only be open on Sunday. We will not be open if the roads are icy, or we have heavy rain. If thereis any doubt, call the range officer at 918-633-6826.
To shoot sporting clays, check in at the sporting clays clubhouse Fill out the check-in sheet on the desk. Use clipboard for the score cards you need. Fees are posted. Deposit your fee in the money box on the desk.
There are many possible shooting stations, but we limit the number to be used that day All shooting positions intended to be used, will have a small white menu on the shooting stand. These menus will direct you as to how the range is to be shot that day. Shoot only fromthese stations. We normally set up the range with fifty shots to complete the course. You may double the number of shots, to make it one hundred. We will change the shooting positions, or trap positions, from time to time, to enhance the opportunity to learn different target presentations.
The menu will prescribe the way the range is intended to be shot that day. “True pair” means that both target release buttons will be pushed at the same time, and both targets will be released. “Report pair” means push the release button with a “1” then immediately after the report of the shotgun, the number “2” button is released. If only one release button is available, release it twice.
We encourage new shooters to shoot singles until their confidence is built up You may pass a station that you feel is too difficult, and make up the shots elsewhere. Only shot size seven and a half, through nine, may be used on the range. Larger size shot carries into unsafe areas.
Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times, on the range, by both shooters and spectators. Lessons can be arranged for. If this is your first time on the range, we will put you with a seasoned shooter.
Shotguns only! No other firearm; may be used on this range All guns must be unloaded and the actions until you are in the shooting stand and ready to fire at a target. Muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction.
When we set up the course, we use barriers to keep you from swinging into an unsafe area. Do not alter any shooting position. If a trap malfunctions, tell the range officer immediately, so that we may fix the machine. If the range officer is not notified immediately, the trap could destroy itself.
The sporting clays range is normally open every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. until about 3:00 p.m. Times may be variable. Groups of ten, or more, may make special arrangements for other days and times. Watch you bulletin for closings and other expanded openings. We must be off the ranch before dark, so all ranges will be closed down in time to facilitate this.

Red Castle has two skeet fields and one trap range. Sheet fields are modern, all electric powered. Each skeet field has two traps;
the high house (window ten feet above the ground) and the low house (window three feet above the ground. Each field has eight shooting sta-
tions. Station one is below the high house window, and station seven is beside the low house window. Station eight is beside the center peg,
directly between the two houses.
A squad of from two to five shooter will proceed around the course together, from station one through eight. Singles (one from the
high house, and one from the low house) will be thrown for each station. In addition, doubles (simultaneous targets from the two houses) will
be thrown for stations one, two, six, and seven. This makes twenty-four targets. Target number twenty-five is called the “option.” It is thrown
immediately following your first miss. If you don’t miss any, the “option” target will be thrown as a second low house target on station eight.
Never load your gun until you are on station and ready to shoot. Load no more than two shells at a time. For new shooters we
recommend loading only one shell at a time for single targets. If you step off the station for any reason, unload and keep action open. Those
waiting should have guns unloaded, actions open, and muzzles in the air or pointed at the ground never enter a skeet house whensomeone is
shooting on that same field.
Skeet costs $2.50 per round to shoot ($3.00 for guests). Pay by placing the payment in the provided envelope and write your name
on it then place in the money box in the skeet house.
To prepare the skeet field for use, first turn on power “East” or “West” at the box by the parking area between the two fields.
Open the sheet house window turn “on” the trap using the twist switch, on the wall marked “on-off”. Plug a “pull” cable with three buttons
into the twistlock outlet near station no 4. (Give a couple of turns of cable around the post to prevent pulling against the twistlock plug.) The
top left button, marked high, releases a target from the high house; the top right button, marked low, releases a target from the low house and
the bottom button launches both, simultaneously. To shut down: (I) Turn “off” each trap and then push and hold the “release” button beside
the “on-off’ switch until the target is launched. This de-cocks the trap. (2) re-fill traps with clay targets being careful to not place any broken
or cracked targets in the columns. (3) Break down target boxes and place them in trash barrels. (4) Close trap window turn off lights. (5) Don’t
forget to pay. Place money in envelope with your name and place in box. (6) Turn off power at the box by the parking area.
The trap field, which is located just west of the skeet fields, has an electric powered trap machine with an optional wobble mode.
The normal shooting stations are the 5 positions at a 16-yard radius back from the front of the trap house. Up to five shooters can position
themselves at these five stations. In turn each shooter will call for a target and shoots, then the next shooter in turn, and so on until each shooter
has fired five times. The shooters will then change firing positions by moving one station to the right and then firing five more times. This is
repeated until each shooter has fired 5 times from the five different shooting stations. These 25 shots are a round of trap.
Never load your gun until you are on station ready to shoot. Unload, and have action open before leaving a shooting station. Those
waiting should have guns unloaded, actions open muzzles in the air or pointed to the ground or placed in the rack.
Your entry card will open the trap house.
Trap costs $2.50 per round to shoot ($3.00 per round for guests). Pay by placing money in the can between steps and trap ma-
To prepare the trap field for use, first turn on power, ‘trap roof’ and ‘trap machine”, at the box near the parking area. Open
front door to the trap house by using your entry card and lowering the door to the ground. Open trap house roof by raising toggle switch on
front left of trap house. A hydraulic pump will raise roof; release switch when roof raises to approximately 45 degrees. Plug a“pull” cord (one
push-button only) into the outlet on the back of the trap house.
WARNING: Do not stand, or allow anyone else to stand, in front of trap while activating it! Turn trap machine hydraulic pump “on”. Switches
are on inside of left front wall. Turn trap machine switch to “on” Lower roof with toggle switch by pushing down on toggle switch. You may go
to firing stations and proceed to shoot.
To close the field (1) Raise roof. (2) Press trap switch to “off” and “release”. (3) Turn “off” trap pump. (4) Roll up and place pull cord inhouse.
(5) Re-fill columns in trap machine with new unbroken targets. (6) Place money in can between steps and trap machine. (7) Breakdown empty
target boxes and place them in trash. (8) Lower roof by pressing toggle switch down, raise front door and make sure it latches.(9) Turn “off”
power at the box.
Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club offers a number of different training programs. Currently, classes offered are:
Oklahoma Self Defense Act Concealed Carry training; NRA Basic Pistol; NRA Basic Rifle; NRA Basic Shotgun; and NRA Basics Of Personal
Protection. All of the above classes are taught be NRA certified instructors and/or CLEET and O.S.B.I. certified instructors, as appropriate.
Oklahoma Hunter Safety classes are also offered twice each year, at Red Castle, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Wildlife
Department All classes are open to both members and non-members.
The location of our monthly members meetings is at our new indoor range at 1115 S. Zunis. Meetings start promptly at 7:00 p.m.
and end just as promptly by 9:00 p.m. Please plan on attending. Meetings are informal, interesting, and there’s always a great raffle Usually,
because of Christmas, there is no members’ meeting In December. Our annual dinner meeting and bingo evening is usually in January, and
replaces the members’ meeting for that month. It can be at anyone of several Tulsa locations. The May members’ meeting is replaced by the
annual club Memorial Day Picnic, which will be at the outdoor range, the food is free, and usually all you can eat. In additionto that, there are
usually lots of fun shooting events. Y’all come!
Always make a point to read the monthly newsletter. It’s not just for competitors! It will keep you informed of things that are
happening at the club that you need to know about. Not everything gets into the annual schedule. You may also request the newsletter to be sent
to you by email in PDF format by contacting the secretary at alan.woodside@cox.net just be sure to read it!
Our club web site is www.tulsaredcastlegunclub.com all our shooting programs and events are shown there along with updates
and important announcements. There is also an application posted there that can be filled out electronically and printed.
Our club number is 918-582-3922. By accessing this number you can hear the current weeks events, special notices or leave mes-
sages if you have questions.
Be Safe! Obey all safety rules!

Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club has acquired property at 11th Street and South Zunis, in Tulsa. This is the site of our newest facility, an indoor gun range.
The facility includes shooting ranges for smallbore rifle, pistols of any caliber, club mmeting room, lounge, officers board room, training room and restrooms. The junior indoor range is at the building toward the rear of the property. This building is availablefor junior use only (small-bore rifle and air gun). To find the indoor junior range, turn into the unpaved driveway
immediately beside the vacant building which is just west of the railroad tracks, about a half block west of S. Lewis Ave., on 11th
Street or the new ramp off Zunis just north of our building.
Current indoor range hours are as follows:
Thursday – 10am – 8pm
Friday – 10am – 8pm
Saturday – 10am – 6pm
Sunday – 1pm – 6pm
There is a $5.00 lane fee for members and $10.00 for members guests.

BY-LAWS OF THE Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, Corp.
As Adopted
28 August 1963
13 Oct. 1964, 28 Apr. 1966, 20 Mar. 1969, 10 Sep. 1970, 21 Sep. 1972, 10 Oct. 1979, 10 Nov. 1983, 29 Oct. 1984, 25 Nov. 1986, 26 Oct.1987, 31 Oct. 1988, 26 Oct. 1992, 26 Jul.
1993, 28 Nov. 1994, 31 Jul. 1995, 27 Sep. 1999, 29 Apr. 2002, 28 Oct. 2002, 26 Sep. 2005, 26 Oct. 2009, 25 Jul, 2011, 29 Apr., 2013, 26 Jan. 2015, Mar 27, 2017.
Affiliated With The
The name of this organization shall be Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club. The Club is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Oklahoma.
The object of this organization shall be the encouragement of organized rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting among the citizens of the United States resident
in our community, with a view toward a better knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of firearms as well as improved marksmanship. It
shall be our further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics on honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team plan and self-reliance which are
the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.
(a) MEMBER -Any citizen of the United States, 17 years of age or over may become a member of this organization on approval of the Board of Directors after
subscribing to the following pledge and on payment of the usual initiation fee and dues.
(b) HONORARY MEMBER – This membership shall be accorded to any citizen of the United States upon recommendation of the Board of Directors and
approval of the membership for their acts of service to the Club, community, shooting fraternity or country. This membership shall entitle such a member to all privileges of the
Club without payment of initiation fee or dues, after subscribing to the NRA
Pledge. This membership once established, shall remain in effect until discontinued by the Board of Directors.
**** NRAPLEDGE ****
I CERTIFY that I am a citizen of the United States of America and that I am not a member of any organization or group which has any part of its program
the attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivisions by force or violence; That I have never been convicted of
a crime of violence, and if admitted to membership I will faithfully endeavor to fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship.
(a) After 25 July 2011, a 3 tiered initiation fee shall be required as follows. Indoor range only $100.00, outdoor range only $150.00, combination of outdoor/
indoor ranges $150.00.
(b) The initiation fees required in (a) above may be suspended for a limited time by the Board of Directors for the purpose ofmembership Drives upon a 3/4
vote of the entire membership by printed ballot.
(a) The Board of Directors shall set the annual dues for all membership classes Membership in the NRA shall be required for membership to indoor range.
(b) No member of the Club in arrears shall be eligible to vote or to enjoy any other of the privileges of benefits offered by this club.
(c) A $10.00 per month penalty will commence November 1st and members whose dues are unpaid as of December 31st of the dues year shall be permanently
removed from the membership list of the Club.
(a) Annual Meeting – The annual meeting of the Club shall be held during the month of October each year If the annual meeting shall not take place within a
reasonable time thereafter, the officers shall hold over until their successors shall have been elected.
(b) Regular Meetings -The regular business meeting of the Club for the transaction of ordinary business shall be held at such time and place as may be fixed
by the Board of Directors; seven days notice shall be given all members of each meeting.
(c) Special Meeting – A special meeting of the Club may be held at any time upon the call of the President or upon the call ofthe Board of Directors or upon
demand in writing, stating the object of the proposed meeting, and signed by not less than 20% of the members entitled to vote.Notice of the time, place and object of any special
meeting shall be given all officers and members in good standing in writing not less than seven days prior to the date fixed for the holding of the meeting. The place of such special
meeting shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.
(d) Quorum – Ten percent or 25 (the smaller of the two) of the member of the Club entitled to vote shall be present and will constitute a quorum at any meet-
(e) Proxy Votes – Members absent from meetings but entitled to vote may do so by proxy vote on issues which have been published to the membership at least
seven days prior to the meeting at which voting is to occur. These votes shall be a written and signed paper stating the specific issue for which the proxy was given and shall be
placed in the hand of the Secretary prior to the balloting.
(f) A regular meeting shall be held no less than 30 days prior to the annual meeting for the purpose of nominating officers. The nominating committee, ap-
pointed by the president and approved by the Board of Directors shall submit their report at this meeting. Additional nominations from the floor shall be accepted at this
meeting. No nominations shall be accepted after the close of this meeting. A copy of the nominations shall be transmitted to each member at least seven days prior to the annual
(g) Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern any item not covered by these By-Laws.

(a) The officers of this Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, High Power Rifle Secretary, Skeet & Trap Secretary, Silhouette 22
Rifle Secretary, Military Bolt Action Rifle Secretary, Sporting Clays Secretary, Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Secretary, Cowboy Action Secretary, Military Semi-
Auto Benchrest, .22 Military Trainer & CMP Secretary, Junior Club Secretary and Special Events Secretary who, acting together,shall constitute the Board of Directors.
They shall be elected by majority vote by ballot of the members in good standing voting at the annual meeting of the Club. Theyshall hold office for one year or; until their
successors are elected.
(b) Board of Directors shall have general supervision and control of all the activities of the Club.
(c) Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly at such time and place as the Committee may determine. Special meetings maybe held at any
time on the call of the President or on demand, in writing to the Secretary, by seven members of the Committee.
(d) Eight members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.
(e) Resignation of any officer may be accepted by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors.
(f) A vacancy in the Board of Directors may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Committee.
However, if more than one vacancy exists, a special meeting of the Club shall be called and new officers shall be elected to fill the vacancies until the date of the next annual
meeting as provided in paragraph V(a) above.
(g) The immediate past President shall also be a member Board of Directors for the term of one year or until his successor is elected.
(a) President – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.He shall be a member ex-
officio of all regular and special committees, and shall perform all such other duties as usually pertain to his office.
(b) Vice President – The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or upon request. The Vice President shall arrange for pro-
grams and the presentation of same at the monthly Club meetings together with other special events as may be assigned.
(c) The Secretary – The Secretary shall conduct all official correspondence pertaining to the proper preparation and forwarding of all reports required of
the Club by the National Rifle Association and by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship. He shall notify the members of the Board of Directors of all meetings and shall
notify all members of special and annual meetings, as required in Article V. He shall keep a true record of all meetings of Executive
Committee and Board of Directors and of the Club and have the custody of the books and papers of the Club. All applications formembership in the Club shall be made to
the Secretary. He shall be responsible for re-affiliating the Club annually and the National Rifle Association.
(d) Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Club and place the same in such bank or banks as may be approved by the Board of Di-
rectors. Such money shall only be withdrawn by check signed by the Treasurer or President for payment of such bills as shall have been approved by the Board of Directors.
The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all his transactions and render a detailed report with vouchers at any meeting of the Board of Directors when requested and
an annual report to the organization at its annual meeting. He shall be responsible for the collection of fees and dues with the assistance of the Secretary.
(e) High Power Rifle Secretary – The Secretary shall have charge of all high power rifle events with authority to appoint his assistants. He shall have charge
of his range, printing of scorecards, the arranging of competitions, etc. He shall assist the Treasurer with the collection of fees. He shall contract no bills without the authoriza-
tion of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for all his actions to the Board of Directors.
(f) Skeet & Trap Secretary – Same duties pertaining to his range as (e) above.
(g) Cowboy Action Secretary – Same duties pertaining to his range as (e) above.
(h) Silhouette 22 Rifle Secretary – Same duties pertaining to his range as (e) above.
(i) Military Bolt Action Rifle, Military Semi-Auto, .22 Military Trainer Secretary – Same duties pertaining to his range as (e) above.
(j) Sporting Clays Secretary- Same duties pertaining to his range as (e) above.
(k) Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Secretary – Same duties pertaining to his range as (e) above.
(m) Junior Club Secretary – The Secretary shall have charge of all junior-related activities with authority to appoint assistants. He shall be responsible for
all his actions to the Board of Directors.
(n) Special Events Secretary – The Secretary shall have charge of all special events of the Club; i.e., hunting events, huntersafety, sighting in days, gun
shows, and other related activities, with authority to appoint assistants. He shall be responsible for all his actions to the Board of Directors
(a) This committee shall consist of the President and 3 other elected officers and shall convene at the call of the President. The 3 officers will normally be the Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer, but if any are unavailable then the remaining member or members shall come from the other elected officers. The sole purpose of this committee
will be to act upon emergency problems and/or situations that call for immediate action in behalf of the club Any Executive Committee actions shall be affirmed by the full
Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting.
(a) Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing voting at any special meeting called for this purpose.No vote on
suspension or removal may be taken unless at least fifteen days notice in writing shall have been given to the officer of the reasons for his removal and of the time and place
of the special meeting at which such ballot on his removal is to be taken. At such meeting the officer shall be given a full hearing.
(b) Any member may be suspended or expelled from the Club for any cause deemed sufficient by the Board of Directors by a two-thirds affirmative vote
of the members of the Board present at any regular or special meeting. No vote on suspension or expulsion may be taken unless at least fifteen days notice in writing shall
have been given to the member of the charges preferred and of the time and place of the meeting of the Board of Directors at which such charges will be considered. At such
meeting the member under charges will be accorded a full hearing.
(c) Charges against any officer or member may be preferred by any member in good standing. They shall be in writing clearly stating the facts relied upon
and accompanied by all affidavits or exhibits which are to be used in their support. Such charges shall be filed with the Secretary, who will immediately notify the President.
The President will call a meeting of the Board of Directors to hear the charges. The Secretary will give at least fifteen days notice of the meeting to each member of the Board
of Directors and to the accuser and to the accused, which notice shall be in writing and will include a true copy of the charges and of the supporting affidavits and exhibits.
(d) Any member suspended or expelled by the Board of Director may appeal to the full membership of the Club. Such appeal shallbe made in writing to the
Secretary who will notify the President. The President will call a special meeting of the Club for the purpose of acting on theappeal. The Secretary shall give at least fifteen
days notice in writing to all members of the Club in good standing stating the date, time, place, and reason for such special meeting.
At the meeting of the full Club the Secretary will read the original charges, the supporting affidavits, and will read or display the accompanying exhibits, and will read the
minutes of the special meeting of the Board of Directors at which the charges were heard and action taken. A full hearing will be given the accuser and the accused. A vote
will be taken by ballot of the members in good standing present and a two-thirds vote shall be required to reverse the action of the Board of Directors.
(e) Any official or member of the Club who has been suspended or expelled by the National Rifle Association of America shall automatically stand suspended
or expelled from this Club immediately upon receipt of official notice by the Secretary of this Club from the Secretary of the National Association.
(f) The National Rifle Association shall be given a complete report whenever a member of the Club is suspended or expelled, showing charges and actions
(a) All rifle, pistol, and shotgun competitions held by the Club will be governed by the rules and regulations laid down by the National Rifle Association of
America, the Oklahoma Rifle Association, SASS, and the NSCA.
(b) All aspects of gun safety as set forth by these associations shall be followed in their course of tire. In addition, eye and ear protection shall be required
on all ranges whenever live firing occurs.
Any proposed amendments to these By-Laws may be introduced by any member of the Club at any regular meeting or special meetingcalled for the pur-
pose. A majority vote of the members voting will be necessary to place the proposed amendment on the next meeting schedule, at which time a two-thirds vote of the members
voting will be necessary to pass the proposed amendment, provided a copy of the proposed amendment has been transmitted to eachClub member at least ten days previous
to the meeting

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