Hours of Operation:

Thursday & Friday 12pm – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

The indoor range is open to Red Castle Gun Club Members who are NRA members and their guests only. We offer 50ft and 75ft lanes for pistol and .22lr rimfire rifle.

Range fees are $5 for members and $10 for guests (guests must share a lane with gun club member). The cheapest rate around for such a high quality facility. So consider becoming a Red Castle Gun Club Member and an NRA Member to begin making use of this fantastic facility. Remember, no steel core ammo, no shotugns, and no shotshells of any kind are allowed at the Indoor Range!

Most of the Junior Programs are held here in our Junior Facilities, as are some Firearms Training Classes, Oklahoma Handgun License Classes (formerly Concealed Carry) and meeting rooms. For a map to the indoor range, click here, to view the Indoor Range Rules click here


– The Board discussed the use of AR pistols at the at the indoor range and came to the following list of allowed gun types and ammo: AR pistol platforms in usual low to mid velocity pistol cartridges to be fired in the indoor range; i.e., the gun must be a pistol, no rifle stock, no long rifle barrel and the ammo must be, say 9mm Luger, .45 ACP and NOT.223, .300 Blackout or other cartridges usually considered rifle rounds, or high velocity pistol rounds above 2000 f.p.s. Don’t try to press the issue! The range officer has the final say, and your gun and ammo will be under scrutiny.


Maximum caliber at the Indoor Range is .45, with no loads in excess of 2000 f.p.s.