The Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club is the most complete shooting range facility in Oklahoma. Many major shooting sports are represented at the Red Castle Gun Club. An Indoor Shooting Range with Junior Facilities and our beautiful, sprawling Outdoor Shooting Ranges located on a portion of the equally beautiful John Zink Ranch.

We are one of the few in Oklahoma that allow fully automatic shooting*! We truly are the most complete shooting facility in Oklahoma.






    • out to 600yds (1000yds for Special Events)


    • from 25yds to 200yds


    • the ONLY Range for full auto shooting!


There are organized competitive shoots for rifle (High Power, .22 Silhouette, Old Military) and shotgun (Sporting Clays) almost every month. You do not have to be a Member to join us at these shoots! Simply contact the appropriate Match Director before the event date to get instructions on how to access the Zink Ranch. Matches for which NRA has programs are NRA certified. Classes for learning how to shoot, Marksmanship instruction and Concealed & Open Carry are available, taught by State and NRA certified instructors, all of whom are Club members.

The Outdoor Shooting Ranges are located on the Zink Ranch, adjacent to Skiatook Lake, north of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, at the north end of HWY 97 (Coordinates to the Club House at Zink Ranch: 36.308019,-96.117261).  And our Indoor Shooting Range is located at 1115 S. Zunis Ave in Tulsa.

Membership Information

NOT Accepting Applications

If you have mailed in your application recently please be patient, we will be processing the backlog over the next few months.

Your membership is a family membership. Your spouse, children and occasional guests are encouraged to come to the club and to shoot with you, but of course children must always be under close supervision. The Zink Ranch Agreement limits each guest to 4 visits per year.

The Outdoor Shooting Ranges are located on a portion of the beautiful Zink Ranch, adjacent to Skiatook Lake, 9 miles north of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, at the end of HWY 97. Please note that the entire Zink Ranch is a game refuge. All wildlife is protected. Your membership entitles you to use only the Red Castle facilities, NOT to the entire ranch! And our Indoor Shooting Range with Junior Facilities is located at 1115 S Zunis Ave in Tulsa. Range fees for the Indoor Shooting Range are only $5.00 for Members and only $10.00 for guests! A fantastic bargain for a great facility. Please note that NRA Membership is required for Indoor Range Membership. Save $10 and renew or extend your NRA membership Here.

We have members from many states besides Oklahoma and our membership is growing strong locally too. Become a member of the Most Complete Shooting Facility in Oklaomha!


NOT Accepting Applications

Membership Type: Yearly Dues: Initiation Fee:* Total:
Outdoor Only $140.00 $150.00 $290.00
Indoor Only $90.00 $100.00 $190.00
Combination (Both) $165.00 $150.00 $315.00
*The Initiation Fee is a one time fee if you keep your Membership current.


Membership Application Information

WHEN the New Membership Application is visible at this site, it means the Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club is accepting new applications for those memberships shown on the application. This could include Indoor membership only, outdoor membership only, or combined indoor/outdoor memberships. If the club has reached the cap on outdoor memberships, it is possible that only new indoor members will be visible and accepted, or none at all.

So, if the application is visible on-line and rates are acceptable, fill it out and mail it in with a check. Follow the instructions for deducting funds if you are already an NRA member.

Up to 25 new outdoor members will be processed each month and this involves the following:

  1. Upon receipt of your application, a background check will be run with the State of Oklahoma.

  1. Your check will be deposited.

  1. You will be notified of the next available orientation session at the Club House on Zink Ranch (Outdoor or Combination memberships only)

  1. Per the Bylaws, the club’s Board must meet and approve your membership and this always takes place before the orientation session for new outdoor members. The Board meets on the 1st Thursday of the month.

  1. Indoor membership only, or combined indoor/outdoor memberships must read and sign a copy of Indoor Range Rules before their first use of the Indoor Range, and they will be shown how to use the range by the Range Safety Officer on duty.

The current new membership fee structure is based on your payment of a full year of dues including a onetime orientation fee. The club operates on a physical year ending September 30th, so next year’s dues will be prorated to give credit for the unused portion of the current year.

An outdoor membership applicant is not an official Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club Member until they have met all of these requirements and only then will the applicant receive a membership card, rear auto window sticker(s) and an electronic gate card for accessing the Zink Ranch. At your Orientation, each new applicant will be asked to sign the Zink Ranch rules and to abide by them. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the club. These are family memberships and all members of the family are expected to follow the rules.

Pre-application questions should be addressed to the Membership Chairperson, and once an application has been sent in, address queries to the Club Secretary.

Make sure to fill in all appropriate lines and send along the completed form by mail with your check or money order for the appropriate amount to:

Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club
P. O. Box 4302
Tulsa, OK 74159

The club is in the process of updating its communications into the electronic age, so be sure to include your email address if you have one. If you don’t it is strongly advised that you get one in order to receive monthly newsletters and other timely communications. This process will be going into effect in late summer or early fall. Also, it is expected that membership renewal notices commencing this fall will be offered on line including payment by credit card.

Pistol Wear Holsters

Full automatic shooting and machineguns are allowed ONLY on the Outdoor Plinking Range! No other ranges!


News from your Board of Directors & important information: closures, maintenance etc...

Special Events

Upcoming special events and Gun shows in and around Tulsa and surrounding areas.


Send messages to your Club Officers and get the main phone number to call the Club.