You can find some answers to some frequently asked questions here:

  • My access badge is not working/lost/broken
    Please contact the Club Secretary after logging into the website to go about getting your access badge replaced.
  • When do I pay my dues?
    You will receive your dues statement about September 1st of any given year. You have until September 31st to pay without penalty. There is a $10 late fee added if you wait until November to pay. There is a $20 late fee if you wait til December to pay. If you do not pay by December 31st, your membership is cancelled!

Non Members
  • I am not a Member, can I shoot at your Club?
    Although the Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club Ranges are for Members and their guests only, our Monthly Matches are open to the public and non members are welcome to participate in these Matches. Simply contact the corresponding Match Director a few days or more before the event for instructions on how to access the Zink Ranch the day of the shoot.

Outdoor Ranges
  • Where can I learn about the High Power Rifle Silhouette Range?
    A new director for this area is going to be nominated soon and will run a couple NRA matches and possibly some monthly practices.

Yearly Dues
  • I haven't received my annual dues notification, who should I contact?
    All members will receive a dues invoice in the regular mail with instructions about how to log in and use the on-line payment feature. You can still mail a check as before if you prefer.
    If you have not received this notice, contact the Club Secretary.