You can find some answers to some frequently asked questions here:

  • chevron_rightDoes the club hold regular meetings?
    Yes.  There is a general members' meeting on the last Monday of every month at 7pm (except December.)  They are held at the Indoor Range at 1115 S. Zunis.  The meetings usually feature a short business review, a guest speaker, raffle, & refreshments.  Watch the monthly newsletter for details on upcoming meetings.
    There is also a monthly meeting of the Board of Directors on the first Thursday of each month.  The purpose of this meeting is to take care of the general business of the club.  Members are welcome to attend although seating space is limited.
  • chevron_rightMy access badge is not working/lost/broken
    If you are at the Zink Ranch gate and your card won't work, call the number listed for Red Castle Gun Club.  DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER LISTED FOR ZINK RANCH.  The Red Castle contact will give you a temporary access code to use with the keypad.  When you get back home, please contact the Club Secretary (log into the website, then go to Contacts).  The Secretary can determine why your card isn't working and take appropriate action.
  • chevron_rightMy spouse would like their own membership card. How can I do that?
    Go to our website and log in (if you've misplaced your username or password, you can use the reset links on the log in page.)  After you log in, click on Your Profile at the top of the page.  At the lower left of the Profile page, look for Your Level 2 Members, then click "add".  Your spouse will receive their card in the mail within a few days.
    Please note this is the annual membership card only.  If you want an additional Zink Ranch access card, those are available for a one-time $20 fee.  Contact the club secretary here for the Zink Ranch card.
  • chevron_rightWhen do I pay my dues?
    Our Membership Year runs from October 1-September 30.  Members receive notice of dues in late August. You have until October 31st to pay without penalty. There is a $10 late fee added if you wait until November to pay. There is a $20 late fee applicable in December. If your account is unpaid on December 31st, your membership is canceled!
Non Members
  • chevron_rightI am not a Member, can I shoot at your Club?
    Although the Gun Club ranges are for Members and their guests only, our Monthly Matches are open to the public and non members are welcome to participate in these Matches. Simply contact the corresponding Match Director a few days or more before the event for instructions on how to access the Zink Ranch the day of the shoot.  You can check the calendar on our website for the most current information.
Outdoor Ranges
Yearly Dues
  • chevron_right I haven't received my annual dues notification, who should I contact?
    If we have your email address, you will receive a renewal notice around August 20, with instructions about how to pay your bill online.  If we don't have your email address, you will receive a notice in regular mail.  You can use the instructions to pay online or send a check.  In either case, if you haven't received a dues notice by September 1, contact the club Secretary.
    The club may offer a discount for paying online, as this method results in far less paperwork for our staff.